Medieval Feast Package For 12



Medieval feast package for 12 people includes:

12 wooden soup bowls
12 gold coloured charger dishes (no utensils can be used on these)
12 wooden soup spoons
12 vintage silver knives
12 silver and brass mixed wine glasses
10 white ceramic goblets
1 white glass goblet with leaf pattern (queen)
1 black ceramic beer mug (king)
2 wooden serving bowls (no liquids, no washing, can be lined with tin foil)
2 wooden planks with bark edges (ideal for meats or cheeses)
2 iron framed wooden serving trays (ideal for serving meats or cheeses)
4 assorted bread baskets
3 small brass bowls (ideal for dried dates)
1 wooden pedestal (ideal for grapes)
2 small ceramic and cork salt pinch pots
6 wooden serving spoons
1 pewter pourer for sauce
1 silver pitcher for ale
1 terracotta pitcher for ale
2 white ceramic water pitchers
2 white enamel wine pitchers with jute wrapped handles
3 green bubble glass candle lanterns (candles not included)
2 extra large brass coloured cable holders (candles not included)
1 cast iron stag head (the war stag, he is missing one ear)
2 wooden oak “cookies” to place the stag head on
6 wooden benched (rough lumber, not suitable for formal wear)

Total package rental cost of $400, please inquire about your event with any special requests or for set up and tear down services.