Sheer Backdrops for Guestbook and Head Table



Being one of our most popular venues to decorate we often find clients wanting to cover up certain areas so we have built packages for the most common areas we use backdrops!

Not having your event at FortWhyte? No problem, we can set up these backdrops anywhere! 


This package includes:

1 ivory sheer backdrop for your guestbook table between the rock wall and post


1, 10′ wide ivory sheer backdrop behind your head table to mute the lighting from the window (please note in your cart if you have a larger head table, including the number of seats, and we can add on extra sections)

*Does not include swagged fabric like in the third picture, please add on additional fabric panels for swaging tie backs.

Each section includes 3 curtains for a more gathered look to hide the background more.

Package includes backdrop stand and curtain rental, set up and teardown, please see other packages or ask us to add on setting up your decor, our rentals or third party decor so you can enjoy taking photos on the grounds before your event.


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