Vintage Cafe Style String Lights 48′



These vintage style string lights can light up your tents, backyards, patios and indoor spaces to give any space a more intimate feel.


48′ strands, 24 incandescent bulbs per strand, 11w each. *Each strand comes with a safety cable that connects to the next strand for carrying weight over long distances to prevent separation at the connections and for protection against wind for outdoor events.


15 strands available for rent, please submit rental cart to check dates available.


Dimmer switches available to rent upon request.


Customer is responsible for all connections from the unit to an adequate power source, no extension cords or power sources provided. Customer assumes all responsibilities and liabilities for proper connections and power loads on each unit and for each individual circuit. It is recommended to have an electrician install lighting to ensure all electrical codes are met. For outdoor installations a GFI plug is required. Failure to do so may result in injury and damage and a replacement fee determined by Peachy Green Events.


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